March 9, 2005

Second day.

It was disappointing that almost two sessions were lost today due
to rain. But Indians made most of the time they had - scoring 184/1
in 40 overs is a very good start. Sehwag was majestic. He had twolives, but that seems to be an integral part of his batting now. He is
more than happy to try his luck, and he is coming on top more often
than not. One hopes that he goes on to make a big score tomorrow.
Gambhir was solid. He could have gone on but for that rush of emotion. Dravid was reassuring as always. India needs him to be in good form to take an upper hand in this series and he made a good start. Pakistan was lackluster, and except for Danish Kaneria no one impressed. And their fielding left lot to be desired. They will have to improve significantly to put up a fight in this match. With Pakistan though nothing can be predicted. For all we know, they can turn out tomorrow and play like champions. We shall see.


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