October 13, 2005

Good Looks.

Interestingly I overheard the following while sitting in my office today reading this article:

"A couple as good-loking as you are are obligated to reproduce".

To be sure, it was a casual remark made without much thought. Exactly because of that reason it illustrates the obsession with good-looks in human beings (particularly in America). When I say good-looks, I mean the whole baggage associated with "good-looks". A natural offshoot of this obsession is a cuture of deification of celebrities in popular culture. The article I mentioned above decries this veneration of celebrities, and conludes in this conext that celebrity is in almost all cases a matter of luck.

It is true that being cute or good-looking is almost always one of the major talking points about any kid. Understandably then one would find a good-looking kid a desirable phenomenon.

On the other hand, it stands to reason that the desirable quality in parents is an ability to groom their kids effectively. Being good-looking is no guarantor of this or any other desirable parental quality. Indeed, good-looks mean nothing in any moderately important human activity. If anything they can only give a false feeling of potency which can be quite misleading.

Having said all this, I must admit too that fascination with good-looks is one of the more basic impulses in human beings.


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