January 23, 2006

Half Full Or Half Empty?

This was a nice back and forth between Dean Jones and Waqar Younis in the commentary box.

The discussion was about whether one should continue playing his natural game even in a critical situation when the team is under lot of pressure.

Dhoni is batting, and he just hit a breathtaking pull shot for a big six against Shoaib Akthar.

Waqar: [Dhoni] is a very good player when he is attacking; but the situation now demands that he play carefully.

Dean Jones: You know what, Waqar, if you think of getting out you will get out nine times out of ten; so just play your natural game; if there is a short ball and you can hit it, then just hit it!

Waqar: You know, Deano (!), the problem is if you get out, you will have to go back to the dressing room and let me tell you, you do not want to go to the dressing room now.

Dean Jones: Ah! It is always half empty with you ... fast bowlers (?!), I like to think of it as half full.

And then, as if to interrupt this captivating discussion, Sachin Tendulkar got out.


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