February 27, 2006

Search for Fast Bowlers.

According to this article in The Hindu, (via Willow and Leather) there is a conscious effort on the part of the selectors to find fast bowlers who bowl fast. Apparently, the number being targeted is 135 kmph.

The message being sent out by Kiran More and company, with the strong support of Chappell, is clear — India's bowling future lies in speed. "Anyone bowling above 135 kmph is welcome," Bhupinder confessed

The selectors' search has been relentless. From four-day matches to one-day fixtures, they have been concentrating on identifying youngsters who can be developed as fast bowlers. "We want speed," reiterated Bhupinder. The idea is to keep the replacements ready for combat.

While that may seem paltry by many standards, it is a good start. Right now, only Sreesanth comes anywhere near that (Pathan is well below 130).

Obviously, speed does not alone mean quality fast bowling. But speed is an important factor and it is time we tried to groom a pacy bowler.


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