December 6, 2006

A Novel Method of Stealing.

Charan is a young musician. He is well-known in his area's music circle and is fairly busy with concerts. It is not uncommon for him to receive calls from strangers asking to meet with him. He got such a call a few days ago.

A meeting was arranged and Charan met with the caller in a restaurant. In the course of the discussion that ensued the caller asked to use Charan's cell phone to give a missed call to someone who would then call back. Obviously Charan agreed and gave his phone. Then the stranger claiming that he was not getting signal stepped out. He promptly made off with the phone.

One wonders at the elaborateness of this theft, particularly considering the relatively meager return (Charan's cell phone is one of those easily and cheaply available ones). The question is: is it worth alerting Charan (and probably many people associated to Charan) to future, possibly more lucrative, ventures?


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