February 10, 2007

Israel's killing of children.

The nonchalance and moral rectitude with which Israel conducts its inhumane occupation are remarkable. The justification for the killing of 3,000 adults since the outbreak of the intifada is open to debate. However no part of that justification applies to the killing of 815 children and teenagers in the same period. Latest victim of this heartbreaking and unbelievable spate of targeting children is Taha Al-jawi, a 17-year old boy in Jerusalem. See this article of Gideon Levy on the affair.

An Israeli soldier shoots at the leg of an unarmed Taha from a distance simply because he was seen near the security fence. Granted that one is not allowed to touch the fence, the question remains how can one justify firing at the boy. The boy was then left to bleed to his death. The Israeli forces claimed to have reached him earlier, but an injury to the leg results in death only if there is lot of bleeding.

The scary part is that Israeli authorities do not even appear to concede that an unfortunate mistake has been committed. They firmly stand by the soldier involved, and proclaim that he is not at fault.

By any reasonable standard this story is very important in the overall situation of Israel-Palestine conflict. The tragic thing is that these stories rarely get reported widely (a Google News search resulted in only the above two articles of Gideon Levy in Haaretz).


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