March 20, 2007

NYT offers TimeSelect free to University students and Faculty.

I like New York Times a lot. My day is rarely complete without reading at least some articles on NYT. Of course most of the time I read online (though in our university we get free print copies every weekday which I read occasionally). Part of the NYT experience are the bi-weekly articles of Krugman, Friedman, Maureen Dowd and others. When TimesSelect was started in Fall 2005, I was so used to their articles that I bought the subscription for one year. But then I realized that most of the articles are available free on the blogosphere. Following the graduate student motto, why pay for it when it's available free, I didn't renew my subscription after the first year.

Today I found that NYT is offering TimesSelect for free to all university students and faculty, which category happily includes me. This surely simplifies things, in addition to comforting my conscience.

If you are a university student or teacher, check this out.


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