February 12, 2008

More on Obama.

This is a very nice article on Obama campaign in NYT. It is pretty clear that running for president as a black candidate is neither strategically wise, nor particularly uplifting. Campaigns of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton showed that it might result in an odd primary win, but never poses a serious threat. So Obama naturally chose to present himself as a competent candidate, who merely happens to be back. From the start Obama, with an admirable consistency, refrained from playing the race card, so much so that huge black support that he has now was not evident till recently.

A very important day of primaries today. Obama is expected to win and the only question is by how much. He is set to extend his lead in pledged delegates. Clinton campaign is concentrating mostly on Texas and Ohio. It remains to be seen whether she can survive February. As the weblog Dailykos wrote sometime ago, the question for Obama was whether he could survive February 5th. He did. Now the question for Clinton is whether she could survive the rest of February. She did not start well the last weekend. She will surely hope to lose closely tonight.


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