March 10, 2005

Third day.

On the whole we are in a good position, but it could have been much better. Till lunch we played very well because we were positive and natural. After lunch for some reason, may be good bowling, we were bogged down and that lead to some important dismissals. Sehwag's wicket was crucial, though he did more than his share. At the end of the day, we still have a very good chance to win this match.

It was very unfortunate that Sachin Tendulkar could not complete the century and surpass Gavaskar. It will come one of these days, but it is always sad to miss out on a century when you are so close. It has become fashionable these days to say that Sachin Tendulkar's days are over. While it may be the case that his best is behind him, he has much to offer still. Yesterday, he showed that he is on top of his game still - till he reached 50. Then he went into ultra-defensive mode which lead to his eventual dismissal. Often, that has proved to be his downfall. But he showed that the old skill and sharpness are very much there. He might never reach his best again, but it has to be remembered that his best was something legendary. He is derided these days purely because he is not able to reproduce those legendary feats. But age is taking its toll and he is facing some unfortunate injury problems. So it is unfair to judge him by the standards
he set in 90s which was his golden era. Sachin Tendulkar is still very much a force to reckon with and has much more to offer to Indian cricket.


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