December 31, 2005

Big Labor's Big Secret

This is an informative article in New York Times about how unions, for their narrow and immediate self interests, oppose and actively impede any attempts at a national single-payer health coverage in America. The issue of publicly funded health care is much debated. Here is an article in support of it and another with a lot of information.

In spite of a general disagreement on the merits of single-payer health coverage, one would believe that labor unions would be supportive of the idea. In any case, a principled stand based on their stated aims is called for, whatever that stand is. Instead, as the article shows, the forces behind this action of the unions are corruption and greed and short-sightedness on the part of the people who lead the unions. These qualities are more often associated with the management of the big corporations whose power the unions are supposed to check. This is another instance of people in positions of power misusing that power and selling out those who gave them that power in the first place.


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