December 21, 2005

Court Ruling Bars Teaching of Intelligent Design

The decision in a Pennsylvania court holding that teaching of intelligent design (ID) in high school biology classes in Dover, Pennsylvania is unconstitutional is a highly comforting and positive one.

Judge Rejects Teaching Intelligent Design

It does not take much thinking to see that teaching ID as science is a ludicrous notion. Whatever its worth as a religious idea, any suggestion that there was a supernatural hand in the workings of nature is an exact anti-thesis to the whole framework of science.

Here is a good article by a Noble prize winner in physics (2001) Eric A. Cornell in TIME magazine.

What Was God Thinking? Science Can't Tell

Judge John E. Jones III.'s opinion seems to be very comprehensive and detailed which is well suited to be adopted to possible future arguments against ID.

Analysis - Defending Science by Defining It

The Judge's Ruling

It is notable that Judge Jones is a Republican appointed by the current President.


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