March 1, 2006

Most Effective One-Day Batsmen.

This is an illustrative list. It attempts to find the most effective ODI batsmen. There are naturally two crucial aspects to a ODI batsman, his average and his strike rate. Both numbers contribute equally to the effectiveness of the batsman. So Cricinfo multiplied the average with the strike rate (runs per 100 balls) and divided the result by 100. It is reasonable to expect this to form a fair parameter.

The resulting list (minimum qualification is 50 innings) more or less goes along the expected lines.

Top five are:

Viv Richards: 42.39
Michael Clarke: 40.58
Zaheer Abbas: 40.39
Michael Bevan: 39.73
Sachin Tendulkar: 38.01

Though Michael Clarke (75 matches) and Zaheer Abbas (62 matches) had remarkable records, to be fair, they had a much shorter period of time to maintain those records. Michael Clarke, of course, has the opportunity to maintain this for a longer period.

That leaves the big three. These are the names that come to mind always when we talk about One-Day cricket. Richards had a phenomenal average (47) and strike rate (90.20) and his career lasted over 187 matches. Bevan's impressiveness is mainly coming from his average (53.58), and his strike rate is decent (74.16). One should keep in mind that a major factor in his huge average is the 67 not outs in his 232 matches.

Sachin, though behind the two, easily surpasses them in the overall context. His average of 44.20 and strike rate of 85.98 are unbelievable when you consider the fact that he maintained that over a whopping 362 matches. That is why, for me, he is the best ODI batsman ever.


At 2:25 AM, April 05, 2006, Blogger Kartikeya said...

If you look at Tendulkar the opener - 238 matches, easily a longer career in itself compared to most other ODI Cricketers including those presented in your post, This value for him would come out to be the highest, because his strikerate and his average as opener are both pretty phenomenal - i think its something like an average of 48 with a strikerate of 89.

At 2:38 AM, April 05, 2006, Blogger Krishna said...

Kartikeya, thanks for the comment. Yes, Tendulkar's opening record is his best and quite incredible. But mind you, he played most of his career as an opener. So his greatness or value as an opener is roughly equal to his greatness or value as a ODI batsman.

For the record, he played 251 matches (out of 362) in that position with an average of 48.46 (career average 44.2), and 36 of his 39 hundreds came in that position. See this.

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