March 17, 2006

A Sane Voice.

Barkha Dutt writes in this great article on NDTV.

If the Varanasi blasts were a consequence of the UPA's "minority appeasement", then how does one explain the shadow of terror that tailed India during the NDA regime? From Kandahar to the Parliament attack?

If the blasts were a result of this government being "soft on terror" then how does one explain that there is no empirical difference in the level of violence today, when compared with last year? And has a shrill BJP forgotten that Atal Behari Vajpayee's lasting legacy is the creation of a peace process with Pakistan and a peace initiative with Kashmiri separatists?...

All generalizations are a gamble, but I would take the risk and say that Middle India (as distinct from both the fundamentalists and the liberals) wants to travel down the Middle Path; the age of shrill rhetoric is over, Indians, are increasingly impatient with extremism of any kind, in any faith, Hindu or Muslim.


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