March 9, 2006

Life's Ambition.

The Boyfriend, parts 1 and 2 are two of the best episodes of Seinfeld. The following hilarious dialogue is from part 2.

George: You know what I would like to do? I would really like to have sex with a tall woman. I mean really tall. Like a like a six five.

: Really?

: What was the tallest woman you ever slept with?

Jerry: I don't know...six three.

George: Wow, god! You see this is all I think about. Sleeping with a giant. It's my life's ambition.

Jerry: So I guess it's fair to say you've set different goals for yourself than say, Thomas Edison, Magellan, these types of people.

George: Magellan? You like Magellan?

Jerry: Oh, yeah, my favourite explorer. Around the world. Come on. Who do you like?

George: I like DeSoto.

Jerry: DeSoto? What did he do?

George: Discovered the Mississippi.

Jerry: Oh, like they wouldn't have found that anyway.


At 12:07 PM, March 09, 2006, Anonymous Pratyush said...


I HAVE to catch the latter episodes of Seinfield. :)


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