March 4, 2006


Kiran More, chairman of the selection committee, said that Sourav Ganguly will not be recalled into the Indian team as long as the present selection committee is in office.

"We took a decision that we have to look ahead," he said. "We decided that so much has been said on this issue, that we wanted to send a message across that, `this is what we are looking at, and as far as this committee is concerned, this is what we have decided, that we will not look back at all." More further spelt out that the committee was "definitely looking beyond" Ganguly even if he were to perform well in domestic cricket.

I hope he is made to realize how incredibly pathetic and dumb that is. It is one thing to say that a certain player is not good enough to get into the team at any given moment. But to rule out the possibility of that player ever being good enough to get into the team is unprofessional, short-sighted and in extremely poor taste. It has nothing to do with building the team for the future, or the good of Indian cricket - it only betrays the unsavory backdoor machinations that infest Indian cricket.


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