March 23, 2006

Terror in India.

This is an informative article by Praveen Swami on the methodology of terrorism in India carried out by Pakistan-based organizations. It is obviously very well-researched and sheds light on many details which I never came across. It is chilling to read how planned these people and how insidious their machinations are. We also read how actively Indian police and intelligence forces are attempting to tackle this problem.

It is natural to feel that's all there is to it. Some crazy people are trying to do some bad things and we are trying to deal with them and stop them. But I think this is much more than a glorified law and order problem. And there needs to be a comprehensive approach to solving it, including a realistic political initiative.

I do not have any solutions, and nor do I claim to have a thorough grasp of the situation. But I do know that when many Indians are easily recruited by these lunatic monsters, and used as tools in their murderous campaign against India, the issue can no longer be explained away by simple and convenient notions of crazy religiosity and misplaced loyalties.


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