April 8, 2006

David Gower on Yuvraj.

David Gower writes analytically on Yuvraj's batting style.

As a batsman he is oozing confidence and aggression. He has that high back lift that reminds me of Brian Lara and he is actually batting better than Brian Lara at the moment.

The back lift always gives a signal to bowlers, especially when it is as high as Yuvraj’s. It basically means ‘I’m coming after you if I possibly can’. Once the bat is that high to begin with all the attacking shots are options and the batsman is indicating that he is looking to score runs first and only if absolutely necessary will he bring the bat down for a defensive shot. By contrast, those with low back lifts always find themselves comparatively short of time when they suddenly decide to attack, more so with the cross batted shots.

There are no such problems for Yuvraj but it is his driving that impresses most, even if it was one drive too many that cost him his wicket on Thursday.

Mostly, he plays on the up through the line of the ball with the top hand and front elbow as high as that back lift which starts the whole process. As such he delivers the bat beautifully to the ball, opening the face less than most left handers, many of whom, including myself in days long gone by, tend to play the ball squarer on the off side.


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