March 31, 2006

India's 14th Consecutive Winning Chase.

India beat England quite easily in the end in the second one-dayer in Faridabad. However, it was by no means easy when we slipped to 92/5 after being 61/0. We were home thanks to a great partnership of Dhoni and Raina. Raina has been an exciting prospect for some time now and a number of people (including Greg Chappell) conjectured his eventual greatness. This innings will be remembered for his transformation from useful 30s to much higher feats.

This is India's 14th successive winning chase, equalling the record of West Indies in the mid-1980s. This is remarkable. It is almost possible to believe that there is something inevitable about India's chases now. We were crusing at 61/0. Then we collapse to 92/5 with all our established batsmen gone. Still 135 runs to win. England were the obvious favorites to win then. But what do we see? We see a great partnership and see India win without much trouble. And this is not happening for the first time. In Pakistan same thing happened in a couple of matches. Yes, India's successful chasing streak defies belief. I am reminded of this scene from Matrix.

Cypher turns the betrayer and pulls the plugs of Apoc and Switch. He is about to do the same to Neo.

If he is the One, then in the next few seconds there has to be some kind of miracle to stop me. Because if he dies like the others that means Morpheus was wrong. How can he be the One if he's dead?

Then, sure enough, the miracle happens (Tank kills him).

OK, may be I am over-reacting. I realize that India will eventually fail to chase. Still this is something great. And if we do it once again, we will have achieved something no one else did.


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