May 5, 2006

Honest Debate?

This is an old Daily Show piece where Jon Stewart brings out a very nice point: Bush's insistence that Americans can have a debate on Iraq war, but only under the terms set by him.

The following dialogue is hilarious and also deep.

Rob Corduroy: There's not even a point to be having this debate. Jon, you can not reason with these people, they have a fixed agenda they mean to pursue no matter what.

Jon Stewart: The terrorists?

Rob Corduroy: Of course, Jon. They are radical ideologues, with a penchant for aggression, who profoundly misjudged the character of the American people.

Jon Stewart: The terrorists?

Rob Corduroy: Yes, Jon. Yes,why do you keep naming the antecedent to my pronoun, it's grammatically unnecessary.

Watch the full piece.


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