November 8, 2006

Well, it appears that I emerge once in a very long while and make some desultory remarks only to disappear again. To some extent I have been caught up with one thing or the other (mostly one specific thing). But equally importantly everytime I ventured to put something down I was hindered by an assortment of doubts and equivocations. This has as much to do with the particular topic under consideration as with a general and probably alarming inability to attain certainty. It is not yet the case that I have overcome all my existential predicaments. That however, I now think, is not a prerequisite to express one's opinions. I shall do so more frequently henceforth. Or at least the reason for not doing so will not be my predicaments.

I started with the intention of commenting on the unequivocal and gratifying Democratic victory, but instead went on about my equivocal frame of mind. I will return to comment on the elections soon enough.


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