August 27, 2007

India's one-day woes.

For the second time in three one-days India looked completely out of place in this format of the game. Just as things seem rosy in test format, there is a great downturn in the shorter version. Why Dravid chose to bowl today will remain a mystery, but that is only a tactical blunder. The real cause for concern lies in the field.

Indian team for the last decade or so got its fair share of criticism, but one could not say that they were out of tune with the modern game, in the sense that England or the West Indies were. For the first time in many years I get the feeling that India just doesn't get the one-day game. The fielding has plummeted to unseen depths, running between wickets is awful, and the on-field planning non-existent. Of course, fielding was never our cup of tea, but things really seem unmanageable now. As pointed out on Cricinfo, fielding and running between wickets was the crucial difference between the two teams.

May be India will go on to win the series and make me look silly. In fact that is a fair possibility if the wickets remain batting friendly and Dravid has the luck and sense to bat first. However, I simply don't see this Indian team chasing any target of 250 plus. And that is a real worry if any serious achievement is contemplated.


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