June 24, 2008

Words are also deeds.

One of the key aspects of Obama which draw me toward to him is his ability to give inspiring speeches. It is not only the way he talks - it is also what he says. I find again and again that his speeches are intelligent and beautiful. His various primary victory speeches and especially his speech in Pennsylvania on race are absolute gems. I rooted for him in the primaries partly because I am excited to hear him speak at the convention in August. I am rooting for him in the general election partly because I would like to hear him giving important speeches in the next few years.

It is easy to dismiss his speeches as mere words and skillful rhetoric that have nothing to do with substantive issues. But as with many easy conclusions, it is incorrect. The style of his speaking does convey something about his substance.

This is precisely the gist of this wonderful article in New York magazine by Sam Anderson. He looks forward to the coming speech of Obama in Denver and analyzes what Obama's speeches tell about him.


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