February 27, 2008

Obama will win in Texas.

That is my guess. The polls have narrowed over the last few days and in fact, Obama leads the RCP average over several polls in Texas. But I wouldn't predict a victory for Obama for this reason alone.

At the first sign of trouble in Texas, Clinton campaign began to trash Texas. Undeniably, Democrats can't win Texas this November. That does not mean running an active campaign in Texas is meaningless or that Texas is irrelevant to Democrats. An efficient grassroots campaign there will help in several state elections and may change the color of the state in years to come. And it appears that in Texas, Obama campaign is "doing more to rebuild the party in two weeks than the party's done in years".

This awesome effort may not be enough to carry Texas in November (at least in 2008), but I think it is enough to deliver Texas to Obama next Tuesday.


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