October 2, 2008

McCain is pissed.

He does not look at Obama once in the debate. He looks distant as Obama approaches him in the Senate. He gets testy with the editorial board of Des Moines Register.

I have a theory. McCain is shocked that his poll numbers are falling, and he is getting very angry. I think he believes that his campaign suspension last week should have been popular. I think he really believes that people should simply accept that Palin is a maverick and love her. In the absence of these phenomenon, McCain is losing it.

This video is another case in point. He seems completely insane there. I don't even know what he is saying. They were talking about his vote for the bailout plan. Then out of nowhere, he mentions he is proud of suspending his campaign. He knows that a majority of American people thought the suspension was stupid. But he can not accept it.

The latest news is not good for him.


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