March 20, 2005


I came to Boston this morning after a 36 hour journey in Greyhound. It was a good experience. More about the journey later on, hopefully. I have been to various parts of the US and I must say I am most impressed with the east coast. Boston and New York are wonderful cities. Hopefully this trip will consisit of a visit to New York also. We are planning to go there later this week.

This is my second trip to Boston. I was here last spring break too. Tejsawi is missing this time, but there are Raghav and Anandam. It was nice meeting Baskar, Amit and Himadri after one year. We went to lunch and then walked along the river. We all had a very engaging and somewhat acrimonious, but perfectly good natured, discussion on wide-ranging issues like socialism, globalization, political freedom and Grothendieck in a coffee house called Algiers. It was a very enjoyable debate. We must have given them a headache by the loudness of our debate, but hopefully we redeemed ourselves somewhat by giving a 50% tip. From there we had another long walk along Massachusetts Ave and continued our discussion. Then we spent sometime in Rodney's Used Book Store. We came home, made some food (parathas and chola), ate and then had more interesting chats, this time on math (particularly algebraic groups). Then we played TransAmerica for little bit. Finally I watched the movie Rain Coat, which impressed me in a certain way.

On the whole a very enjoyable day. Now I must really sleep as my eyes are barely able to remain open. More in the days to come.

India seem to be on the verge of winning. 3 more wickets in 38 overs. Hopefully they will have no problem in completing the job successfully this time.


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